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About the Prize Bird

The Prize Bird blog does not claim to be superlative, merely unique.  It is mostly the ramblings of one quirky gal in living the desert, supplemented by her quirky friend who is trapped in the midwest.  The gal (that’s me) has one baby, a bunch of bikes, a passion for cooking, and a never-been-used-hardly degree in philosophy.  Her friend (Captain Eliot) at least had the decency to major in english, so his comma placement will be much better.  The Captain has possessions and passions, but I will allow him to elaborate on his own.

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  1. August 31, 2010 2:57 pm

    As our fearless bloggette (a distinguished lady blogger or a French plumbing term) has mentioned, I am friend and penniless English major, “Captain” Eliot. (Official disclaimer: I did not serve, nor am I trying to pretend that I have served, in any branch of the military. Nor do I maintain a private seafaring vessel. It’s just a nickname, people.) It’s worth noting that while I settled for a humble Bachelor’s degree, this quirky desert gal graduated with two minors AND enough academic medals to make her look like Mr. T.
    The larger topics of babies and bikes will certainly be the desert gal’s areas of expertise because she’s a new momma and an avid cyclist. I’m more like that blank-eyed uncle who yammers at you randomly about owls when you only asked him to pass the gravy. When our powers combine in face-to-face conversation, it’s like time stands still…only it doesn’t, and we both end up severely late for other things.
    Anyway, allow me to smash a champagne bottle on the mighty beak of this majestic new blog and declare it officially relevant to existence – *WONK!*…heh heh…let’s try that again…*SMASH!*

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