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Crazy Ranting Time

June 12, 2011

So, I know it’s been a month since I posted anything and maybe I should provide a life update, or photos, or something.  But really, I just need to get something off my chest.  I read this article this morning, and I was just bowled over by how many things are totally, utterly WRONG with it, that I couldn’t put them all into a Facebook status.


I bet you don’t even have to click on that link to see the first thing that I am bothered by.  Just contemplate the story name in the URL for a moment.  Then read the article.  &$HFefwj;oFOjjI*  <– pounding my face on the keyboard.  Now a deep breath…here we go.

1)  “The milk produced by the transgenic cows is identical to the human variety…”   Um, I’m going to say no to that, right off the bat.  It’s not human breast milk, it is milk from a cow that has had it’s genetic makeup fucked with so the milk it produces displays the chemical and nutritive properties of human milk, as far as currently scientific analysis can determine.  As a philosopher (hey, my degree says so), I can tell you that discussions of identity and thus, the definition of “identical”, are fruitful areas of discussion and disagreement.

2) “…inserting human genes into cloned cow embryos …”  Bad idea.  I’m not a huge fan of genetic modification of plants or animals (for production of food specifically, and it’s just weird in general), but screwing with human genes?!  Where are the religious zealots on this one??  Those genes could have become an embryo/fetus/baby/person.  And using Evil Science to alter the plants and animals that God created has to be a sin, right?  Or does all of that fall under the category of God creating everything in the Universe for Man to use as he see fits?  I’d like to see some debate on this.

3) “with government permission it will be sold to consumers as a more nutritious dairy drink than cow’s milk.”  Ha!  This is the government of China, which allowed millions of it’s own population to drink melamine-laced infant formula.  I doubt regulation has improved much, so getting the government’s ‘permission’ would mean nothing to me in regards to the safety of any product on the market there.  And this sentence sounds like it will be marketing to the general population, no only (or specifically) for infants and children.  Which leads me to. . .

4) “Workers at the university’s dairy farm have already tasted the milk — and said it is sweeter and stronger than the bovine variety.”  WTF?  Most people get totally grossed out by the concept of anyone over the age of 1 (maybe 2, if you’re a crazy liberal lactivist!!) drinking or tasting breast milk (FOR EXAMPLE) but suddenly they can produce an imitation of breast milk out of the antibiotic-soaked, mechanically-milked, bloody-uddered bovine milk industry and it’s totally cool for everyone to drink.  I just don’t get it.

5) “It’s good,” said worker Jiang Yao. “It’s better for you because it’s genetically modified.”  What a totally pointless quote.  A dairy farm worker giving a generic and totally unsupported comment.  I’m so glad I’m a beta.”

6) “There are 1.5 billion people in the world who don’t get enough to eat,” he said. “It’s our duty to develop science and technology, not to hold it back. We need to feed people first, before we consider ideals and convictions.”  Well, the first sentence of this quote is true.  The second is a very general that could be applied to any area of scientific exploration.  The third is what really pisses me off.  So let me see if I have this straight: you have spent probably tens of millions of dollars developing an unnecessary ‘novelty’ food source that only has a purpose because a marketing firm will tell people that it has a purpose.  And only those people who can afford it, not the hundreds of thousands of infants and children around the world who suffer from malnutrition because their mothers are malnourished or have died or cannot produce enough milk.

I believe that there is (or could be) enough food on earth to feed the entire human population, but it is unfairly distributed, hoarded by wealthy people and nations.  Perhaps if people actually followed ideals and had convictions, most of those 1.5 billon might get enough to eat.  The ONLY way those people are going to ever get enough to eat is by more people having ideals and convictions, not by pumping money into research to genetically manipulate plant and animal sources of food.  That technology will only be used by those who own it to make themselves richer.

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  1. June 12, 2011 2:30 am

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

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