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Calm Before the Storm (or, I’m giving up on two titles)

January 10, 2011

It’s been a hectic week.

DH left on January 3rd for four weeks of training back east, leaving me in single mother status for the month. Single working mother actually, but I asked to not be assigned any more work because juggling everything is really taking a toll. I needed to make some $$ though to cover the root canal and crown I had to have (on top of the two fillings. fml.)

LM is mobile and then some…she follows me from room to room, using my pants to pull herself to standing when she catches me, and frequently wailing as it looks like her other bottom tooth is erupting to make a matched set. She really is a doll though, and I’m so grateful that she doesn’t have much stranger anxiety, so I can leave her with other people for short durations without having to worry.

Last but certainly not least, the dramatic events of Saturday January 8th have been weighing on my mind and nibbling at my soul. There are so many things I want to write about (hate, politics, guns, culture) but simply don’t have the time (well, not if I want to sleep, that is.) I need to get some of it off my chest though, so I’m going to try to set aside some time to write. If LM wants to climb up my legs while I write, that is fine too.

And I’m giving up on the double title thing, not because I can’t always think of an alternate title, but because it makes the permalink so dang long and it’s a pain.

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