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The Christmas Lull (or, since no one else is blogging)

December 25, 2010

It’s 4:00 pm on Christmas Day.  We got up at 7:00 because we were all awake anyway.  The baked french toast was put in the oven, then the stockings were opened.  I am still the best stocking filler of the parties present this Christmas.  LM had moderate success at opening the contents of her little “My 1st Christmas” stocking (courtesy of my big sister) since LM does not yet have a proper stocking of her own.  She liked the slinky the best, but gnawing on the tube of toothpaste was a close second.  Actually her most favorite thing was the box of tic tacs in my stocking.  LM got her first tooth this week!  It is barely erupted from the gum, but as soon as it poked through her mood improved tremendously.

After stockings, we ate our baked french toast, then started on the presents under the tree.  Naturally LM got the most presents, but we all got some nice, thoughtful stuff, including some amusing chicken-themed goods from DH’s family.  My brother GB got us a sweet composter!   I got some new bib shorts since I have changed teams and my old plain black ones are starting to get raggedy.  LM was getting overwhelmed by the end of presents, so we had to open the rest of hers…she got some very cool Melissa and Doug wooden toys from her uncle GB.  She also got books from her aunt and cousins, as well as me and DH.  I got some really adorable pictures.  Great fun was had by all, along with way too much candy, as evidenced by my temporary filling popping off the root canal I got on Wednesday.  Yahoo.

This scrap of paper is all I really wanted.

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