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Totally Random Two-liners

December 14, 2010

An old college acquaintance/now Facebook friend responded to a link I posted and referred to a vagina as a va-jay-jay.  He went by the nickname Ray-ray so I find the rhyme amusing but that ridiculous term has been stuck in my head all day and I can’t believe a grown man would use it.

Why is pretending to eat a baby’s hand so hilarious to them?  When LM tries to eat my hand all I can think about is when I washed it the last time.

There needs to be an aptitude test for working at the fabric cutting counter at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Seriously.

After weeks and weeks of almost- and not-quite doing it, LM has finally crawled and skipped over the butt scoot and army crawl entirely.  She does this hilarious tripod maneuver with her hands and one knee, while her other leg sticks straight out for stability.

I’m not looking forward to Christmas.  Is that wrong to say?

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  1. December 14, 2010 4:10 pm

    I hate the term va-jay-jay, it just sounds dirty to me in a way that vagina does not. Maybe I’m weird.

    As for Jo-anns I have always assumed that there was some sort of training to cut the fabric, but after the last lady I had I’m not sure. She cut my fabric short and I had to explain how to work their set-up. I felt like a horrible bitch, but when they cut the fabric shorter than you ask for and then charge for what you ask for it’s a problem…

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