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Potpourri IV (or, too lazy for a real post)

December 2, 2010

I received my birthday package in the mail from my father today (only a few days late!).  Contents:

  • printed article from by someone who paid $383 to have their sick chicken diagnosed, then euthanized
  • map of the Washington D.C. Metro system
  • map of all the parts of the Smithsonian Museum
  • brown t-shirt from  the Frozen Turkey 5k run in Buffalo Grove, IL on November 25, 2010
  • a letter from my college Alumni Association (probably asking for money. I haven’t opened it yet)
  • a check for $200

Pretty random huh?  Par for the course.  My dad visited D.C. recently and I’ve never been there, so maybe a few crumply, used maps of the area is his way of making me feel like I’ve been there, too.  The article about the chicken was mostly funny due to the author’s description of her children’s reaction to the chicken death.  When one of our chickens kicks it, there is very, very little ceremony involved.  The t-shirt I might actually wear, because I am NOT a runner (neither is my dad, his store sponsored the event and his logo is on the back) and the design is of a hand turkey, so it’s funny.  The check was the best part 🙂

I left my camera at a friend’s house the week before last, and first I was sick and then have been too busy to go get it.  I don’t want to fall to far behind on the (approximately) weekly photos I’ve been taking of LM on her changing table.  She is getting SO big!  No purposeful crawling and no teeth though, at 7.5 months.  She gets around by flopping over, sitting up, leaning into a Downward Facing Dog and flopping over in a different direction…it’s like trying to predict which way a football is going to roll.

Because I like to sew, I’m going to experiment with making some embellished, extra-large receiving blankets to sell at a local children’s resale/consignment/handmade goods shop that just opened nearby.  I made some for myself before LM was born, and they were my go-to blankets (still are!)  The ones you get at the store are so puny, and the serged edges always frayed when I tried to cut the tag off.  I’m also experimenting with making “lovey” blankets: printed flannel on one side, solid cheneille dot on the other side, and a wide satin edging for sucking on.  Those go for a good price on Etsy!  I also wanted to make baby slings but the owner said a few women had already brought slings and there doesn’t seem to be much interest.  I wonder how she has them displayed, because  you have to see a sling in action to appreciate it.  DH was wearing LM in his sling (I custom made a man-sized one in a charcoal grey for him) at Guitar Center the other day and some other dad approached him; the other man was trying to haul his baby around in a car seat and told DH that he wanted a sling and where did he get it? SO if anyone wants a custom-sized, padded rail sling in a deep purple, I’ll give it to you for the cost of the fabric if you refer other people to me.  My “label”? Prizebird Designs.  Bwah ha.

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