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Two Reasons I EC (or, for future use)

November 21, 2010

Elimination Communication (EC) means recognizing and respecting your child’s signals that s/he need to eliminate, and when possible, allowing them to “go” on a potty, toilet or other location.  Rather than spending 2-3 years teaching a child to use a diaper, then engaging in potty-battle with a terrible two year old, practicing EC helps keep you child aware of the bodily function, thereby easing or even eliminating the need for conventional potty training.  I’m really not interested in bribing my child with M&Ms to get her to sit on a potty.  This way, there will be a permanent connection in her mind that IT goes in the potty, and I don’t have to introduce a whole new concept.

EC also prevents diaper rash (since they’re never sitting in it) and makes for great dinner conversation.

To me, it’s not any extra work.  The diaper is going to be off anyway, so why not put baby on the potty?  LM rarely gives signals that she is going to pee, but she usually goes right after she wakes up and shortly after she eats.  I don’t mind wet diapers though so I don’t sweat missing the pees; it’s the poop I am very glad to have in a little plastic potty, rather than scraping it off a diaper.  LM usually gives very CLEAR signals that she is going to poop, so I only deal with two, sometimes three poopy diapers per week.  And she is certainly not one of those babies that goes more than 24 hours without pooping.

“Misses” in EC are not to be viewed as failures.  As with all things, one must see the humor in the situation, especially if there there is a camera handy.

We "caught" #1, but #2 came on unexpectedly. Oops.

Even better, since the poop face is now presented at designated intervals, it is very easy to have a camera handy to catch these precious moments.

She's going to hate me when she's 14.

I can’t stop laughing at that picture.  I had to share.  This baby cracks me up, and I love her more every day.

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