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11/14/10 (or, a DITL)

November 17, 2010

Our day “officially” started at 6:31 am, when LM started wiggling in the bed next to me and decided she didn’t want to sleep anymore.  We just snuggled and nursed and rolled around in the bed until almost 7:00, when I blocked her in with pillows so I could go let the chickens out really quick and then jumped back in bed (after taking this picture).

"Does this extra chin make me look fat?"

You may be wondering why LM is wearing a) not pajamas and b) a disposable diaper.  Well she woke up in the middle of the night grunting and wailing so I got up and put her on the potty and she dropped a huge bomb.  I don’t EC in the middle of the night–I just put two doublers in her diaper and she has never complained about soggy morning diaper.  She was fussing so much though I had to try!  But I am a zombie in the middle of the night, so her jammies fell into the potty behind her, and I didn’t have the presence of mind to put together another night diaper or fish out clean pajamas, so I just pulled on the first clothes I could grab and one of my spare disposables, and brought LM to bed with me.

A little after 7:00 we went in her room and I gave her some naked baby bottom time (it’s too cold now for full naked baby) while I went in and out, getting breakfast ready.  LM is on the brink of crawling, rocking back and forth on all fours, rotating 180• on her stomach, etc.  But she somehow managed to actually get moving today, going backwards.  She started on the white waterproof sheet, and just kept wiggling backwards and I let her, just to see how far she would go.  The only thing that finally stopped her was her head bonking, then I had to drag her out and de-fuzz her undercarriage.

So this is where the cats hang out...

I diapered her, then we had breakfast.  She got mashed bananas and I got homemade (not by me, alas) apple butter on toast.  Then  I remembered that a bunch of her diapers were still in the dryer from yesterday, so I turned the dryer on to fluff them while I read her some books.  And by read I mean we have a sort of wrestling match during which I try to read the words and turn the pages while she tries to eat the corner of the book.

After I pulled the diapers out of the dryer and got the air-dried covers out of the back room, she helped me fold the diapers by sitting in the hamper and playing peekaboo with a flat fold.  LM has gotten really good at pulling things off her head and she  laughs every time she does it.

Let's go for a ride!

By then LM was starting to get worn out, so I EC’d her and nursed her down for her morning nap just past 8:00.  While she was sleeping, I watered the garden and checked on the chickens and grabbed a quick shower.  Then I checked email and messed around on the internet while I ate second breakfast.  Her naps always seem to go by so fast when I’m trying to get stuff done!  She started to gurgle and coo after just about an hour, so I went in to get her just past 9:00.  I didn’t have the camera in my hand so I wasn’t able to catch a picture, but she had rolled and had one of her legs propped on the crib bumper, with her foot all the way out of the crib.  I thought bumpers were supposed to prevent that.  LM has done that a few times now, and it hasn’t been a problem so far but I worry that she might try to roll with her foot sticking out like that, and wrench her leg.

Anyway, I got her up, EC’d her and diapered and then got her dressed for the day.  I wanted to make sure she was warm enough because I wanted to take her out in the Burley trailer to go to Trader Joe’s.  I had to put her down to play for a few minutes while I took my bike down and hooked the trailer to it out in the garage, then pulled it into the driveway to get ready to go.  I rounded her up, along with the DVD we’d rented from the Redbox last night, “Babies.”  Very cute, but I have to agree with some of the reviewers that it is a little dull at times.

We got underway and had a nice ride.  LM rode sitting up in the cart at Trader Joe’s and I grabbed the few things we needed.  Of course she smiled and giggled at everyone we passed; she is such a flirt.  She also loves riding in the Burley and only ever seems to get annoyed when we stop.

Why yes, that is a 2010 Tarmac with DA 7900.

LM fell asleep  in the last few blocks coming home, so I pulled the bike and trailer into the garage, pulled the groceries out and let her continue her nap.  I put the groceries away, scooped the cat box and started making lunch.  Every few minutes I would go out to check on her, until I walked out the last time and she was sitting quietly in the Burley trailer, eyes wide and accusing.  She was clearly saying “I can’t believe you left me. in. the. garage.”  Sorry baby.

After another EC and diaper change, I put her in her high chair while I ate my lunch and then we got in the shower.  LM totally doesn’t mind sitting in her Bumbo seat on the floor of the tub while I shower, then I wash her hair, get her washcloth all soapy and then wash her in my arms.  We got out and I got her re-dressed and me dressed in better clothes, and then we headed out to the home of a friend of mine who sells purses as a home-based business.  My friend has a pug, and LM thought this dog was the most hilarious thing.  Every time the dog got near LM, she started squealing and laughing so hard I almost thought she was crying.

Look at his eyeballs! They're falling out!

From my friend’s house, I could see that LM was dozing off so I swung us through a Starbucks drive-through (I know, I know…) and headed to an afternoon playdate.  LM was asleep when we got there and I was a little early anyway, so we sat in the car while she slept and I read for about 15 minutes.  Then I went up to the house, only to discover that the playdate had actually been cancelled but the email had been sent after I left for my friends house.  BUT they let me stay for a few minutes, and LM likes playing with the light-up, noise-making play table they have in their play room.

Then we headed home and LM hung out on the floor while I got some dinner for us–I had reheated leftovers, and she had mashed sweet potatoes with a little bit of rice cereal to thicken.  She loves all orange foods and is very unlikely to blow raspberries and spit any orange food all over the place.  After dinner we sat and read some more books (same method as above) and then I just let her gnaw on the board books all she wanted.

I like "Daddy Kisses" the best!

I put LM on the floor to play while I tried to get on the computer but she was tired and started to fuss so I held her on my lap while I checked email and Facebook and all that good stuff.  She was happy alternately pulling my sweatshirt strings and sucking her thumb, which is how I know she is tired.  LM is a thumbsucker but it doesn’t seem to be chronic; she will only go for the thumb if she is very hungry (which she rarely will do because I nurse whenever she cues, or signs) and then when she gets tired.

We went into LM’s room to EC and change her diaper.  Then we went into the bedroom where I sat her on the bed and she promptly full over, so I dropped the pillow on her a few times for fun.  That sounds bad, but I drop it from about 4-5 inches above LM and then immediately pull it off, and she waves her hands and tries to grab it back to herself anyway.  I sang her a few songs, we walked around and did some baby-in-the-mirror, then it was time for bed.  I put her to bed the same way I have since she was born, on the advice of my midwife.

I nurse LM until she is done, when she pulls off and starts looking around, OR starts to fall asleep if she’s really tired.  Then I EC her to make sure her bladder is as empty as it can be, then I put her in a doubled-up night diaper, jammies and sleep sack.  Then we turn off the lights but leave the door cracked, and I nurse her again until she stops, or falls asleep.  If she doesn’t fall asleep before she is done, I put her on my shoulder and walk around the room until she finds her thumb, then I put her in her crib.  Four out of five times she will lay right down and suck her thumb until she falls asleep.  If she falls asleep while nursing, I just put her into the crib, and she never wakes up when I move her, thank goodness.

Then I had “me-time” from 8:15 to 10:00.  This usually is a lot of straightening up because it’s the only time I can get it done, and catching up on emails.  And updating this blog 😛  But I didn’t finish the update and it took me three days to finish it and get it posted.  I won’t be doing another one of these anytime soon, because my life is boring, and writing about it takes too dang long.

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