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Smartest Baby in Metropolis? (and a P.P. Update)

November 14, 2010

That whole Clark Kent/Superman business would never have fooled LM.  She has never been confused by the fact that I wear glasses first thing in the morning and no glasses (contact lenses) for the rest of the day.  I got a major haircut yesterday and was momentarily worried that she might not recognize me afterwards, but that was also not an issue.  Lois Lane and everyone else were obviously morons.

I’m working on a Day In The Life (DITL) today, that I’ll post late tonight or tomorrow.  Not that I think my life is that fascinating, but because I feel like having an excuse to post a few pictures.  We’re doing some fun stuff today, with DH being out of town, so it’ll be better than a home-all-day DITL.

And I hit Fry’s yesterday for a few items on sale, and some gum with xylitol in it.  I went to the dentist the other day and she told me that as babies get teeth, their mouths have to populate with bacteria (just like their digestive systems did) and it usually comes from the primary care giver. Well, I have not-so-strong teeth and DH’s are better so if I chew gum with xylitol, it will reduce the amount of bacteria in my mouth, and then I’ll let DH breathe on LM a lot more than usual.  Weird crap huh?  I never would have thought about this, but now I am overly concerned with the quality of bacteria that will populate LM’s mouth for the rest of her life.  Or maybe I’ll get my brother to cough on her a few times, since he didn’t go to the dentist for TEN years and only had one or two small cavities when he finally went.

But I bought a few other things at Fry’s like grapes, avocados, bananas, a yellow onion and (most expensive but still on sale) a can of espresso for DH.  I had popped in to the store a few days back to buy three cans of butter beans for $2.97, and I wandered past a Farmer’s Market yesterday and bought a pound of organic beets and a big delicata squash for $3.50. Combine those with the previous total and the $10.20 from Fry’s yesterday and I’m at $70.87 for the month.  I’m going to Trader Joe’s today though so that’ll jack up that total quite a bit.  Still not bad for the 14th of the month, I think.

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