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More on Child-free-ness (Or, two posts in one day???)

November 11, 2010

Of course, I am now fascinated by this whole community of child-free people who are just as adamant in their views as the blogs that I frequent are adamant about views about natural and healthy parenting.  As an educated person, I respect other people’s opinions, but SURELY the irony must be apparent to these people, that their viewpoint would result in the eventual demise of the human race?  I can’t get behind that.  Ok, fine, being child-free works for you, but do you really have to dump on all those other people who make sure that dolphins don’t become the smartest animal on the planet?  Give us dirty procreators some credit.

I can’t resist linking to this brilliant post, on a blog (so witty!) called Childfreedom.  The third comment, from ‘Joy’ made me laugh out loud (seriously! Genuine LOL about the “worldwide awareness” bit) and I’m glad a few comments that follow are much more rational.

One of the main complaints of the child-free community seems to be how badly behaved children are, especially in restaurants.  I am in total agreement with them there; it isn’t the children, but the lack of discipline that is obnoxious and offensive; if LM becomes too unruly I will absolutely stop taking her to places where she would be a disruption, until she gets past the phase.

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  1. November 11, 2010 7:00 pm

    All I can say is “wow!?!”. I am honestly glad that many of these people don’t have children. They are bitter, and frankly stupid. If you are in your 40s that means that the children being born and going to school today will be paying the taxes that support your social security and medicare when you retire. Wouldn’t you want them to be better educated so that they will be able to give you more money in 20 years? The reason that places like England (along with most of Europe and China) subsidize children is because they have negative population growth and as such have a larger population of retirees needing benefits than they do of workers paying into the system. Reducing the education available to educate the children that will be supporting you in your old age seems rather short sighted…

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