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Potpourri III (or, more categories please!)

November 8, 2010

I have this time to blog, because LM has fallen asleep.  Again.  Miraculously.  She got up at 6:30 this morning, then napped from 8:15 to 10:45.  Now it’s 1:15.  She must be having a growth spurt, or still worn out from last night.

We went to The Wedding yesterday, and it was nice but suffered from what DH called over-scripting.  That is, there seemed to be more focus on the staging, photographing and videotaping of the event, than the actual celebration of the marriage.  We arrived a tad early (3:30 pm for an advertised 3:45 start time) to check out the childcare situation; I’d been told that since seven or eight guests had small children, arrangements had been made to have someone watch them in a separate room during the ceremony.  I figured she would be ok for the fifteen minutes of the ceremony, then I’d get her and keep her with me the rest of the dinner and reception.  Turns out that the final childcare arrangements had been up to the groom, and therefore had never materialized.  We sat in the very back on the aisle in case a quick escape was needed, but LM was a dream baby…she sat on my lap and played with her stuffed carrot rattle and a little wooden toy and only cooed a few times.  The ceremony was quick (after starting twenty minutes late), but then the wedding party spent well over an hour taking photos while the guests milled around.  It was fine at first because the weather was beautiful and the bar was open, but the hors d’oeurves were devoured rapidly and the natives became restless.  I had trouble finding a place to nurse LM without someone barging in.  Finally dinner service got underway and I rounded up a highchair for LM.  She was grabbing EVERYTHING and of course, at a wedding the table is covered with shiny, appealing things and she got annoyed that we kept taking away her swiped objects and handing her the same three toys.  The evening progressed through the toasts, bouquet throwing, garter dance, father-daughter and mother-son dances. LM was visibly tired, but she stayed alert and generally cheerful and DH didn’t want to leave because we were having a great time with our friends, so we stayed until just after 8:00 pm (which is her latest bedtime). When the dance floor opened, DH wanted one dance with me, so LM gladly let a friend hold her so we could dance, then DH took his baby girl out on the floor to dance and she loved it!  She had no afternoon nap, but never freaked out or got overstimulated.  Amazing.  She did fall asleep in the car, but the dome light woke her when we got home–no crying or fussing.  I nursed her, put her in jammies, nursed her again and she was out.

Looking back at the categories I have for all my previous posts, I think I need to add some because more than half of my posts are categorized as Owls.  Maybe I should add categories for Deep Thoughts, Shallow Thoughts, In-between Thoughts and Why DH Hates the Chickens Today (they keep getting into his garden).  Seriously though, I can’t really figure out how to organize my thoughts in this blog.  Of course, I don’t organize them much in my brain so maybe I shouldn’t try.

Eggs, eggs, everywhere!

I realize I haven’t posted any pictures in awhile, so here is one of LM playing with her favorite toy of the moment.  I got her these toy eggs as a complement to the hen puppet we got, so she could have toys that mimic our chickens and their purpose for roaming around the yard.  She loves these eggs, and they are a hit with every other baby who has ever seen them.

Pantry Project Update: I picked up our all-organic Bountiful Basket on Saturday morning, which was awesome!  We got bok choy, green peppers,romaine lettuce, cabbage, pototoes, apples, grapes, persimmons, bananas, kiwi fruit and pomegranates! I made buckwheat noodles with bok choy and hoisin sauce Saturday night, and I’m going to make this Pesto White Bean Bowl tonight, using most of the rest of the bok choy.  The all-organic Bountiful Basket was $26.00, and I picked up some essentials at Trader Joe’s yesterday morning (organic half and half, yogurt and sprouted grain bread) for $10.45.  So the total so far spent on groceries in November is $54.20.  Yes, it’s only the 8th of the month, but there was enough produce in the Basket to last about two weeks!

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