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Pantry Project Update I

November 5, 2010

Ok, I hit Fry’s and Safeway for some sale items: green peppers, grapes, no salt added beans (to puree for baby food), orange juice and cottage cheese.  I splurged on a bottle of Liquid Smoke for $2.49, because I have never before located it in a grocery store and I happened to spot in walking down an aisle…I knew if I didn’t buy it right then, I would never find it again.  It will contribute to the overall reduction of stuff in the panty, because DH loves split pea soup but we don’t make it with ham, so the liquid smoke will add that “meaty” flavor.  I also bought one $.44 jar of pureed mango baby food, because I want to know if LM likes mangos, without buying and smashing up a $1.29 mango.  I also bought three fun flavors of yogurt cups at just $.45 each, now that Safeway has their holiday flavors in (chai latte yogurt!)  Total grocery bill so far in November: $17.75.

Last night for dinner I made this Chickpea and Kale Soup for dinner, which knocked two cans of chickpeas out of the panty, and an entire bunch of organic kale left from our last Bountiful Basket that has been haunting the crisper bin.  I need to buckle down and make a big pot of chili (another use for Liquid Smoke!) and a lot more pasta to really start making a dent in that pantry.  I think perhaps I will go right now and start emptying yet another jar of Nutella with some pretzel sticks, both of which are occupying shelf space instead of my tummy, where they belong.

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