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Repeat: The Pantry Project (or, let’s try again)

November 2, 2010

You may (or may not) recall this endeavor from the beginning of September.  It fell by the wayside when my grandmother passed away and I had to fly back east, then had nursing issues as a result, then turned around and flew to Chicago for my high school reunion, then got busy….wah wah wah.  So, I am going to try again.  We got our Costco run in on Friday, so I won’t have to bite that bullet this month.  I want to see how much food I can clear out of the panty, and how little I can spend on groceries between now and November 30th.  This is an extra good month to do this because I got my first time Homebuyer tax credit so we are going to fix the kitchen and every bit of extra cash will help.

Mama gets a gas stove!!! **happy dance**

Yes I realize that Thanksgiving falls at the end of the month, but I think that will just help me clean out the pantry, plus we won’t be blowing $25+ on a turkey (socioethical vegetarian, remember?).  I may make vegetarian shepherd’s pie as a main dish, because I’ll say it : No matter what vegetarians tell you, Tofurkey is kinda gross.

Anyway, since I didn’t go to the grocery store today, the total amount spent on groceries this month so far is $0.00.  BAM!

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