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Pantry Project, Day 10 (or, a tiny splurge)

September 11, 2010

I really get a kick out of watching cooking shows on the local PBS station because sometimes I get really good ideas for meals that I would never have thought of myself.  I got the idea for Rice Salad from this hilarious, boisterous Italian chef, which helped me use up several cans from the pantry all at once.  Of course, I modified it by adding some of the ingredients from the Lobster Salad he prepared on the same show, and it was a real hit with DH.

Dang. Ok, just imagine there is an egg...

We mowed through the vegetables from our Bountiful Basket pretty effectively, except for the cabbage and the last of the romaine lettuce, so I had to hit the grocery stores.  I got some on-sale veggies at Sunflower and had to go down the baking aisle to price out their whole wheat pastery flour, when I discovered they had real vanilla bean pods on sale.  I’ve never used real vanilla beans because they are SO expensive, so I grabbed two jars with two beans each for $2 a pop.  Then I hit TJ’s for the dairy items, pretzel sticks, edamame and vitamins (which I’m not counting since they aren’t food) and they actually had 2 lb boxes of fresh black figs for cheaper than at Costco.  Shocking!  So I got the box for DH, of course, at $4.49, which brought my grocery total for the day to $32.93 and my running total to $84.49.

This is not going QUITE as well as I had hoped, but it is an improvement.  I have to find things to do with another 2 lbs of figs though; I made us a fig and goat cheese salad with balsamic drizzle to go with dinner

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