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Skills and Frustration (or, damn the immobility!)

September 10, 2010

At 4.5 months old, LM has just become aware that she basically can’t do anything without my help, and within the last few days that has become visibly frustrating for her.  She has been rolling back and forth for over a month, and holding herself up on her forearms, but she just started trying to pull her knees under her to get on all fours.  She doesn’t have nearly enough strength in her arms, though, to take on the weight of her head and torso, so she immediately face plants whenever she makes headway with the knees.  This usually results in a sort of almost-crying/screeching.  LM has also been able to sit unassisted for up to a minute at a time (with her torso straight up, not supported with her hands) for a few days.  As soon as she tries to pick up a toy though, or look behind her at the cat, (who inevitably comes to investigate the new posture of the wobbly human larvae) she topples.  This produces the same set of pissed off noises.  To make her feel better, I hold LM in a standing position and make silly faces at her, which seems to take the edge off.

I’m torn, because I don’t want her to scream in frustration, but I also know that as soon as she figures out the army crawl, then speed-crawling, cruising and walking will inevitably follow in short order.  I’m not ready to lose my cuddly baby just yet.

LM’s baltic amber teething necklace arrived in the mail today; she isn’t teething yet, but a friend set up a group order with a discount so I jumped on the bandwagon early and got one. The amber supposedly has analgesic properties, and I hope that is the case.  If not, it looks darn cute! LM graciously modeled it for me, while I managed to get a photo of her on her little potty for the first time–since she has never sat on it unsupported before this morning when DH put her on to EC.  And if anyone among the five people who read this blog doesn’t know EC (Elimination Communication), I will do a post about it at some point.

Do you MIND, woman??

In other news, I made some lactation cookies today, though I modified the recipe tremendously, because I want to take them to my Mom/Baby group next Tuesday (they’re in the freezer now) but there are some vegans in the group.  They came out more cake-y that cookie-like but DH gave them two thumbs up after I assured him they would not cause him to lactate.  Duh.  They just contain ingredients which are thought to help increase milk supply, and serve as a fabulous excuse to eat cookies.  As if I need an excuse to eat more cookies.

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