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Nap Mishaps (or, better than a spiral notebook)

September 5, 2010

Yes, my baby is so awesome she is copyrighted.

Lately I’ve been getting the feeling that I’ve been laughing at LM too much, but as she gets more grabby and wiggly she does more and more cute things and I can’t help it!  It’s certainly not mean-spirited.  I hope as she grows older she will understand that we are not laughing at her as a person, but rather that the world is full of humor and you have to be able to laugh at yourself, otherwise Mommy will do it for you.  Seriously though, there is so much pain and negativity in the world that you need to embrace anything that makes you smile, otherwise you’ll cry all the time.

No longer enjoying the scenery.

I took LM for a ride in the Burley trailer for the first time yesterday morning, and she was sitting up and alert for most of the 4.5 mile spin; in the last few blocks though she  fell asleep, and  this is what she looked like by the time we got into the driveway.  She always enjoys new things to look at and never fusses or cries to be taken out of the trailer.  Once it cools down from ass-on-fire hot to just regular old hot, this trailer is going to get a lot of use for errands and short trips that I’d love to bike to now but it is just TOO hot to be dragging a baby around.  The Burley trailer is great because it also disconnects easily from the bike, and a front wheel rotates down so it becomes a stroller as well, which will be handy for future shopping trips.  Hooray for bikes!

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