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LM’s First Vacation (or, baby loved the beach)

September 4, 2010

Two weekends ago, DH and I took LM to San Diego for a combination vacation and work trip.  Since there is no velodrome (bicycle track) in Arizona, we have to ride at the velodrome in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.  It is a two day event, with the pursuit events on Saturday and sprints and mass start events on Sunday.  I was a little worried about bringing LM with us, since she was not quite 4 months old, so we planned the trip accordingly.  We headed out Friday afternoon and stopped in Yuma (aka the armpit of Arizona) for the night.  Then we woke up really early Saturday morning to finish the drive and arrive at Balboa Park before the racing started at 10:00 am.  I brought the travel bed for LM, so she would have a place to snooze and hang out when one of us wasn’t holding her.

DH and I took turns racing, and we each raced two on Saturday; I did the 500m pursuit and DH did the 1km pursuit, then we both raced the 3km pursuit.   LM was really chill throughout the day and everyone was complimenting us on what a good baby she was.  I took 3rd place out of four ladies for the 500m, but managed to win the 3km pursuit out of the same four ladies.  I haven’t been to the track in 2 years and I never practice track skills, including hard starts, which are crucial when you are racing just 500m.  For the 3km pursuit there is more room for error in the start, you just have to be able to hold a higher speed for longer.

I look particularly ridiculous because I was borrowing DH’s time trial helmet (notice the smooth, pointed shape) and his helmet is a Large while mine is a Small.  But good times were had by all, and LM enjoyed hanging out with all the cyclists.  I had my Slingling with me so I could tote her around.  A weird lady with a little dog actually asked me for the brand, so she could buy one for the dog.

There is one team in particular that brings a lot of kids to the track, and as I looked at the 10 year olds zipping around on their little track bikes and getting excited about racing, I found myself hoping (once again) that LM learns to love cycling.  DH and I are not going to push it on her, but we want to make sure she at least sees the virtues of cycling as a form of transportation.  Honestly as long as she gets interested in some sort of physical activity, I don’t care if it’s soccer, ping-pong or just weekend hiking–as long as she doesn’t spend all her free time playing computer or video games.  LM tolerated of the second full day at the track; I did not race but we cheered DH on, and picked up Chipotle for lunch.  Then we went to the beach, which LM enjoyed a lot more…once she woke up.

We went to the beach on Coronado Island, which is gorgeous but the water is flippin’ cold!  I didn’t grow up near the ocean, so I have a fairly romantic notion of what it should be like, and in my mind the cold murky water was seriously at odds with the warm white sand.  I barely got my toes wet. Brr.

Monday morning we moved from the hotel in San Diego up to La Jolla, which is much closer to where DH had his work event on Tuesday.  While he was away on Tuesday, LM and I walked around La Jolla and went to the Museum of Contemporary Art.  In the near future I’ll post about why contemporary art makes me feel like an idiot, but it was a cool place and had a nice garden that backed up almost right to the beach.  On Wednesday we left La Jolla early and headed back to AZ, making a several stops along the way so LM could get out of her car seat, including Dateland, AZ where DH tried a date shake!  It wasn’t as gross as I had heard, but I still opted for the chocolate shake.  Much better.

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