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The Pantry Project: Day 1

September 2, 2010

DH and I like a wide variety of food, so we keep a lot of different stuff on hand in very small quantities.  This ends up being a lot of food though, so to entertain myself (pathetic, I know) I am going to try to limit spending on groceries this month and knock down some of our stock of food in the pantry:Although WordPress believes that it is 9/2/2010 (are their servers located in Bermuda, or what??), it is 9/1/2010 in my world, so the Project officially began today.  These are the rules (yes, I am the type of person who will make up rules for stupid games that I am playing by myself):

1) All the food currently in stock in my pantry, refrigerator and cabinets is the starting point.  I’m not going to inventory everything, but I promise to disclose everything I have to buy rather than use up

2) I will buy as little food as possible in the month of September, while using up as much on-hand food as possible and still cook delicious, interesting meals

3) Food expenditures will be tallied periodically, and some menus will be posted along with the recipes I used

*Note: The one area of food consumption where I will not skimp on quality is dairy; when I buy it, I buy organic.  I have no interest in my daughter consuming any quantity of artificial growth hormones…so I’ll just use less dairy this month.  No problem.

Expenditure for Day 1: Trip to Fry’s for some good items on sale: 2.56 lbs of organic grapes at $.77/lb; 2 ears of sweet corn for $1.00; 1 lb of organic carrots for $.44; one can of store brand butter beans for $.79. Total:  $4.20  I also ordered my Bountiful Basket for this week, which I will pick up Saturday morning, for $16.50.  So the running total is $20.70

What am I going to do with the money I save on groceries?  Um, maybe college fund for LM?  Family vacation?  We’ll see.


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