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Chickens! (or, they spell it B-A-G-O-K)

September 1, 2010

By popular demand, I am posting some pictures of our egg-laying ladies.  My partner in life/parenthood (who shall henceforth be referred to as DH, per common blog parlance) and I started with four hens back in October 2009: Moxie, Flopsy, Roxy and Colleen.  They starting laying eggs at the end of January, and we haven’t bought eggs from the grocery store since then; hens eggs from the backyard are as local as eating local gets, and they are funny to watch out the kitchen window.  In June of this year, Roxy expired unexpectedly and inexplicably right after we bought two new pullets (young hens) so we were down to three laying hens.  Then we had to replace Roxy, who was DH’s favorite, with another red whom we named Annie (as in, Lil’ Orphan).

These are the big ladies.  Colleen is at the top, and she is an Ameracauna who was supposed to lay green-tinted eggs since she has green legs, but she lays feeble cream-colored eggs.  Flopsy is the Rhode Island Red and she is the bitch of the group…she picks on the three little chickens all the time and pulls out their tail feathers.  Moxie is the Plymouth Barred Rock, and she is the Alpha of the group.  Both Flopsy and Moxie lay nice light brown eggs.

These are the little ladies.  Sasha is at the back, with the most intact tail feathers because she is the best at running away from Flopsy.  Sasha is a Black Star hen.  On the right is Malia, who is an Australorpe and Annie, a Red Star, is up front.  Hopefully Sasha and Malia will start laying eggs late in September or early in October, and Annie will start another month after that.  Then we will have plenty of eggs again!  It is really nice to not have to be concerned about salmonella poisoning.

Do You Know Where Your Eggs Come From?

Chickens are so ridiculously easy to take care of, and it is legal to have up to 24 hens (though no roosters) inside the city limits, as long as their coop is at least 50 feet from the nearest structure on someone else’s property.  Chickens will eat grass and weeds out of the yard, and they take less work than cats but produce eggs!  We are hoping that our cats may someday learn to make pancakes and do laundry.  Unlikely.

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  1. September 1, 2010 6:19 pm

    I wish our neighbors were just a little bit further away so we could have chickens. Alas, our yard is too small and the neighbor’s house is about 10 feet too close…I have chicken envy and yours sure are cute.

  2. September 6, 2010 4:06 am

    I wish my cats would just learn to catch the darn flies!

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