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Enter the Dragon (or, oh crap not another blog!)

August 31, 2010

I don’t really know how to get started on this blogging odyssey, so I have decided to start it like any good piece of writing:  with some background information.  I accumulate a lot of random thoughts throughout the day while staying home (most of the time) with my baby girl (henceforth referred to as LM) and so I have finally decided to unleash my brilliance on the InterWebs.  Well actually, this is at least 50% for the sake of my mother so she can keep up with what is going on in my life.  I could call her and tell her every day, but then my ear gets all sweaty and the baby wakes up, etc, etc.  SO, moving on with the background information…

a) Yes I am one of those weirdos who will use initials and/or pseudonyms to protect the privacy of myself and my family.  I still occasionally do some work in a fairly sensitive field and I don’t want whack jobs finding me through Google.  I’ll post pics of LM because she is too darn cute not too, but most whack jobs think babies all look alike so it doesn’t matter anyway.  If you are here and reading this, you probably already know who I am, so just roll with it and enjoy my quirky initial system.  I’ll explain them from time to time.

b) I am a crappy photographer.  When I post photos, they will probably be poorly lit, poorly composed and taken with a camera that costs less than a cheap pair of sneakers.  If you want gorgeous pictures of babies/food/anything, I will be happy to link you to some, but my pictures are purely for illustration, so don’t be hatin’.

3)  What is this blog going to be about?  Anything.  Everything.  A topical blog is so… predictable.  I prefer my blog to be like a box of chocolates: delicious, except for the coconut and strawberry cream ones with the thumb holes in the bottom.  Blech.  Someone will probably come along and take care of those, if you let them sit around long enough.

d) Why is the blog named Prize Bird?  Because “To a Prize Bird” by Marianne Moore is a great poem, and we always said that is what we would call our self-published but wildly successful poetry journal, when we started it.  That was in college, when anything was possible.  Now, the Prize Bird Poetry Journal will stumble into existence as my poor excuse for a blog.  Well better out than in, right?  And if you are REALLY lucky, this blog may occasionally feature blog posts by the other wildly optimistic co-creator of the prefunct Poetry Journal, Captain Eliot, who is the other half of the “we” I just mentioned. (Yeah, I just made up a word.  Prefunct = something that became defunct without ever existing in the first place.  Bless you, American English, for helping my dream come true).

5) You have noticed by now that I give my blog posts two titles, jump from topic to topic, and switched between alpha and numeric characters in this list.

f) is for FAIL.  If that is how you feel about this blog, then move on quietly.  I will take constructive comments and criticism, but disrespectful, offensive or otherwise stupid comments are not welcome.

That should about cover it for now.  I’ll commence with the actual, worthwhile (HA) subject matter tomorrow.

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